CardExchange Producer Version 9.2 jetzt kostenlos herunterladen. Aktualisieren Sie Ihre Version 9 jetzt mit dem aktuellen Update.

von Ingo Sterthaus

CardExchange Gateway

Mit der neuen CardExchange Version 9.2 werden wie immer viele Fehler behoben und neue Funktionen hinzugefügt. Eine der wichtigsten Änderungen dürfte die Unterstützung der ELATEC RFID Leser sein. Bitte entnehmen Sie der nachfolgenden Liste alle aktuellen Änderungen:

  • Solved deadlock issue where application became unresponsive and could not be closed anymore
  • When giving a print command immediately after selecting a range of records, it could happen that after printing a couple of cards, the last card of the batch was suddenly printed. It then continued messing up the print order or gave an error that the primary key of the last card in the batch could not be found.
  • If the maximum image-size property was changed in the advanced options, it did not take after until after the designer was opened.
  • Solved issue with pre-rendering set to default to avoid problems with semi-transparant objects (GDI+)
  • Solved background removal issue in combination with stretching where original image was not respected and assumed to be 96 DPI
  • Solved issues with LDAP where no data was shown when LDAP was used as secondary data source
  • Updated Japanese translations
  • Added support for CrazyWriter HSP reader supporting MIFARE® Classic, DESFire, and DESFire EV1
  • Added support for Elatec TWN4 Legic® NFC Reader supporting MIFARE® Classic, DESFire, and DESFire EV1
  • Added support for SQLite database connections